Sunday, January 15, 2012

Current Life

Nearly one year that I didn't update my blog. Lol... Really busy. Once again, CNY is just around the corner & I haven't buy any new clothes. Swt... Last minute. Hehe...

So many things seem to be different within these 11 months. Time flies... When I 1st created my blog, I was in foundation & now about to finish my Degree for the 1st year d. I'm currently performing & singing in Stolen Recipe Bistro on every Saturday night. Would like to thank one of my friends that go there to support me most of the time. Appreciate. ^__^ It's fun to perform with live band every week & I hope that from here, I'll be able to improve & gain more experience in performing & singing.

Most probably I'll stop my studies after this sem & continue later on. Plan to enter a competition but kinda confuse coz don't really know whether I should enter this year or later. Too many things need to be prepared if I decided to enter this singing competition. But I really want to join as it will be a good opportunity for me to learn new things & to be more independent. I know if I choose to enter, it will be something new & challenging. But I'm willing to take it & willing to try it if I manage to make it to the competition. I hope my parents will support me all the way just like what they've done through these 20 years.

Now, should talk about CNY since it's just around the corner. 1st of all, if I want to buy nice clothes, I have to diet 1st. Haha! But left only one week for me to do so. Hhhmmm... Shall cut down on my dinner from today onwards. Lol... But during CNY, I have to study as well to prepare for the final exam. =( So, have to plan my schedule in order to have enough time for me to study. Guess that's all I want to share for this time. Tata!

Friday, February 11, 2011


It's been sooo long that I didn't update my blog. Well.... I didn't take much pic during this Chinese New Year. Some are in my cousin's camera and I have no choice but to wait till she upload those pics in FB or either e-mail to me since she's in S'pore. =_=  Ok now, that's not what I want to share about. What I want to share about is how our family celebrate this Chinese New Year. (A bit lame, but who cares? Just post for fun!) =)

As for CNY, as you know, everyday eat eat eat and for those who haven't marry, you'll GET angpau. Hehe... For those who had already married, GIVE angpau la! Haha! The day before CNY, we had steamboat. On the 1st day of CNY, we visited to relatives' houses and one of my relatives cooked rendang chicken, steamboat and we ate again. Dah le we ate cookies and titbits here and there. So 1st day tambah few kg's. On the second day, we had our Song families gathering, we had dinner in Restaurant Bei Jing. Same goes to all the following days. Although we do not eat in restaurant after that, but we still have dinner together with our family members.

So, throughout the new year... put on again. Lol... So after this, have to go to jog, exercise and gym. Sweat...

Till then. No mood to continue d. =_=''' Will plan on how to spend this holidays well. Hehe...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Recent Life

It's been more than one month that I didn't update my blog. Don't even know what to blog+very busy. Next Fri have to sit for our midterm-Business Statistics paper and on the same day I have to go to Mid Valley for the Talent Competition. It's on the same day... Don't think I can rush back to Malacca and sit for my Business Statistics paper. However, after the competition, I still have to rush back and can't stay there to shop. =( Have to sit for my MUET exam on the next day-Saturday. Have to start to practice for the competition and really have to start to study for the exam and MUET. Best of luck to myself and all my friends who gonna sit for both the exam. =) Next week is gonna be a hectic week for me! Phew...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Aunt's Wedding

Yesterday 12/9/10 was a hectic day for me. I was tired, busy, bla bla bla. I got to help my aunt for her wedding function. Although it was tiring, but I did enjoy a lot. =)

I woke up at 7am (a little late =_='''), as usual, I get ready then the buffet that my aunt ordered arrived our house at 8.30am. The bridegroom reached our house at 9am. After praying, the tea ceremony (these are the Chinese traditions) and of course after having our breakfast-buffet (lol...), we went to the bridegroom's house. Again, the bride and bridegroom have to pray and go through the tea ceremony. After that, we went to their new house and lastly went back to my house around 1pm. After going here and there, at last I got to rest. I plan to take a nap, but end up busy with other stuffs. So these are the morning sessions.

As for the night, we went to 'Restaurant Bei Jing Lou' for the wedding dinner reception. She and her husband invited around 300++ guest. Most of them are teachers since my aunt and her husband are teachers too. My aunt requested me to sing. I'm having mild fever and flu actually, but I feel sorry if I decline her request since it's her big day, so I sang 3 songs. Since I'm not feeling well and got no appetite, yesterday I missed out a lot of delicious dishes. HAIZ..... What A WASTE!! End up, I felt hungry when I went back home. -_- The dinner ended at 11pm.

Here are some photoshots taken yesterday.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


There were so many things came into my mind few days ago. I would like to share it on my blog, but now it seems that I'm blank. I'm tired, just too tired. I can't think much anymore. I'm like a man without soul.  I need to rest and get ready and get myself prepared for the final exam. After that I'm going to have fun and enjoy! Am going to study within this holidays. I'm not going to give a damn about problems that make me feel down. Moreover, who cares? If you didn't do well in the exam, no one will care what is exactly happening to you, so we shouldn't let those stupid things affect us. Hope I can do well in the finals. That's what I can say....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

That's What I'm Thinking+Curious

I'm back! It has been a hectic week for me. Recently am rushing for our PCA project-Website like hell (It drives me crazy). Am headache with this project, but since it's one of our assignments, so there's no use for me to complain here and there. =_='' Other than Website, am worried about my final exam too...The exam is just around the corner and yet I haven't prepare. (I saw this from the internet-Worry is just a bad mental habit. You feel like you are doing something, but you are not getting anywhere.) This is exactly how I feel now. It seems like there are so many things that I have to do, sometimes I feel helpless.

Nowadays, things seem to be different. We are no longer a little kid who can take things easy and search help from our parents in certain cases especially problems in studies. Sometimes, when things get a little tougher, we tend to give up, but that is not the best way to solve our problems, we are more likely trying to run away from it. But sometimes when we think back, we might ask ourselves, is it worth for us to do so? Why not we just give up? Maybe that's the best solution because we are lost, totally lost and we got no idea what to do in order to solve our problems.

Since I was in secondary, I've seen the real society where everyone is busy and no one will care much about you except for your close friends, but they are not always there for you when you need help. Envy and jealousy are everywhere, you wouldn't know who treats you as a good friend sincerely from their heart. They can be very good with you, but stab you silently from the back.

Now, what makes me curious? Few days ago, I was chatting with one of my close friends. He told me about his problems. He's unhappy with what he's doing now. I'm curious because I don't know what makes him so down. He said he's trying to search back his old self and I hope he'll success. God Bless! =)

Alright, guess I'll continue with my website now as I can't think of much things to share.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

That's Me!!!

Before posting anything and sharing other things, am going to talk about myself (All About Me-part of the title of my blog). Am not going to use bombastic English but simple English. Moreover, am not very GOOD in English, trying my best to improve it. ^_^

To talk about myself, first of all, I would like to say that I'm a talkative person. People who know me well will definitely agree with it. As for me, I like to share my opinion with others while I will share my problems and happiness with my parents and close or best friends as well. Hmmm... Talking about talkative, I think that being talkative is not a bad thing, but we have to think twice before we say something so that we won't hurt people's feelings. I dislike people who like to say bad things about other people. ( Before we say someone, please look into the mirror and look at ourselves, are we good enough?) Ok, back to the topic. The moment where I talk the most is when I'm with friends or with my parents inside the car. (This is the moment that my parents suffer the most. Haha!) Sometimes my dad will say:' Evon, can u please keep quiet for a moment?' Annoying, huh?

Besides, I'm a cheerful person. ( But recently I don't think that I'm happy. I used to laugh until I cry, but it has been weeks that I do not do so.) Actually, it is better for us to live happily rather than to be sad. Moreover, it is easier for us to make friends and make people around us to be happy if we are cheerful. I like to make jokes around and I'm an active person, but once I'm quiet, there will be 2 reasons. Either I'm down, angry or I'm not feeling well. I can be very friendly, but in certain cases, don't take me for granted because I can be very unfriendly too. In addition, if u treat me well, I'm gonna treat u well too.

Other than that, I am a coward too. The thing that I fear the most is ghost. (Alright, I know that some of u might think that I'm stupid because there are many people that don't believe in spirits or paranormal activities.) I'm not being superstitious, but memories of my school-mate getting "possesed" still haunts my mind. I still remember that incident. It happened when I was in secondary school, Form 3. It was scary. Besides, I even saw "them" with my eyes when I was little. (Hope u believe what I said.) That's why during the Chinese Calender of the 7th month, I am afraid to go out at night.

I think that's all I want to share in this post. This is what I think about myself. For those who know me, maybe you got other opinion towards me. I don't mind if u tell me. :)